ScreenBeam | 960

ScreenBeam | 960

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Modernise all your classrooms and meeting rooms with a wireless display receiver that supports native screen mirroring, extended desktop and interactive touch displays.

ScreenBeam 960 wireless display receiver enables native screen mirroring from your Windows, Android and Apple devices — without apps or wires. 

ScreenBeam 960 makes it easy to connect your mobile device to the room display with a single click or swipe. Extended desktop maintains device use for other actions while presenting, and support for interactive touch displays and wireless touch brings collaboration to the front-of-room display.

Central Management System (CMS) software is included for remote management of receivers, providing security and manageability that IT departments need.

How Miracast Is Digitally Transforming Meeting Spaces and Classrooms

Achieve effective collaboration with touch displays and Windows Ink
Increasingly, organizations are removing whiteboards from their meeting spaces and classrooms and installing interactive touch displays. Together, ScreenBeam and Windows 10 maximizes that investment with support of Windows Ink which makes it simple to get your team members or students working together. Marking up content and images or creating sticky notes gets a point across efficiently. Then ScreenBeam’s unique support of touch displays allows all those annotations to be instantly captured and saved on the presenter’s Windows 10 device screen. It’s that easy.

Interactive Classrooms

When teachers are free to move and interact with their students during lessons, students are more successful. ScreenBeam wireless display makes teachers more accessible making it easier to observe student reaction, identify issues and help off-task students refocus without singling them out. ScreenBeam allows teachers to approach teaching and learning from a visual perspective, embedding learning at a deeper level and making learning more enjoyable. When teachers combine OneNote and ScreenBeam technology, they can share their notes, presentations and more directly to student devices or classroom display and increase classroom collaboration.

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