Roybi Robot

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ROYBI uses artificial intelligence to teach STEM & languages with an emphasis on creativity and problem-solving. Mandarin is available now and Spanish will be added in 2021-2022.

This little robot’s mission is to provide an active learning experience for every child to learn at their own pace with engaging lessons. ROYBI has more than 500 lessons that can be personalised based on an individual’s learning pace and interests. It is intended to entertain and teach languages and basic STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts to children ages 3 and up.

ROYBI has been designed to support a single teacher in a classroom with over 20 to 30 pupils where they cannot provide enough attention to each child individually. At the same time, with a robot, a teacher can personalise lessons and exercises based on each pupil’s needs.

The educational robot was first launched in October 2019 in the US and has been very successful, winning various awards including Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2019.

The robot keeps children engaged and adapts to each child as they grow and develop. ROYBI uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to interact with kids individually. Teachers are able to track each pupil’s progress using ROYBI’s app.

A big plus for ROYBI Robot is that it helps to reduce screen time whilst still providing all the technology in education benefits.

Currently the product comes with a US plug and no UK adapter. The robot has a USB cable for charging.

PRIVACY - ROYBI Robot never listens to conversations unless its play button is pressed on the physical device nor does it record any video. It also comes with CAMERA PRIVACY COVERS for full privacy.