Cubetto Space Map

Cubetto Space Map

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Captain Cubetto is ready to take you and your learners to the final frontier with the Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map from Primo Toys (100 x 100cm). Take off into space and fly to the International Space Station, Mars and Jupiter.

Use Cubetto (not included) as your pupils' guide to outer space, using the storybook to practice important coding concepts like algorithms and debugging whilst exploring worlds beyond our own. This fantastic cross-curricular coding resource is great for STEM learning and doesn't need specialist computing knowledge.

  • Take Cubetto where no Cubetto has ever been before - explore new worlds with your pupils using this engaging and effective coding resource.
  • Practise important 21st Century skills in problem solving, logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Have fun with coding with the Deep Space Adventure Map and storybook.

Perfect for your SEN or early years classroom.