Cubetto Ocean Map

Cubetto Ocean Map

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With the Cubetto Blue Ocean Adventure Map (100 x 100cm) and storybook, Cubetto (not included) can take your learners on a deep-sea dive adventure whilst honing 21st Century skills in coding and problem solving.

Lay out the Blue Ocean Adventure Map in your classroom and transport your class to the North Sea. Journey for treasure, avoid the skull and cross bones and swim amongst the fish! Children will explore the world around them and use Cubetto as their tour guide. The storybook included with the mat provides teachers and pupils with a purposeful learning journey.

  • Teach engaging and effective coding lessons with learners as young as 3 years with the Cubetto Blue Ocean Adventure Map.
  • Develop skills in computational thinking without needing specialist computing knowledge with the help of a planned-out learning journey in the form of a storybook.

Perfect for your SEN or early years classroom.