Cubetto Logic Pack

Cubetto Logic Pack

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Take pupils' logical thinking to new levels with books and flashcards filled with playful challenges.

Key Stage: EYFS

The Logic Pack includes resources needed to teach the four main areas of computational thinking: abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition and algorithm design. These skills also help to develop logical thinking across the curriculum.

Take coding skills to the next level with new and more difficult challenges that are explained and resourced in the Cubetto Logic Pack.

Expand the programming potential for your pupils with coding blocks - negation and random blocks will ensure children need to think on their feet!
Flash cards included in the pack can be used in conjunction with the new stories or in free play, encouraging pupils to build their own adventures with Cubetto.
What's in the Logic Pack?

12 x Logic Blocks

32 x flash cards

4 x story books

1 x sticker set