ROYBI Evaluation from Richard Smith at Amazing ICT

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The AI-powered educational robot for language learning and STEM

This little robot’s mission is to provide an active learning experience for every child to learn at their own pace with engaging lessons. ROYBI has more than 500 lessons that can be personalised based on an individual’s learning pace and interests. It is intended to entertain and teach languages and basic STEM concepts to children ages 3 and up.

ROYBI supports teachers in the classroom and ensures each child receives some individual attention. A teacher can personalise lessons and exercises based on each pupil’s learning needs.

A big plus for ROYBI Robot is that it helps to reduce screen time whilst still providing them with all the benefits of technology in education.  

Richard Smith who runs a company called Amazing ICT agreed to trial ROYBI robot to see how it could be used in a school setting. Amazing ICT introduces technology into school settings as well as providing training for teachers. Here is what Richard thought of ROYBI:

What did you like about ROYBI Robot?

  • The product was very effective as it has a good quality speaker and screen that allows it to be used easily by young children.
  • It was easy to use. There are 3 colourful buttons on the base to allow children to select a song to listen to, a story to listen to or a lesson to interact with.
  • It is value for money as the build quality is good and it is designed well. The wireless link to the app allows lessons to be scheduled and progress to be monitored remotely.
  • The language is clear and doesn’t sound ‘computerised’. There is a large range of content that is included with this product.
  • ROYBI is designed in a way that will be appealing to all (irrespective of gender)
  • ROYBI has a good battery life and works well away from the charging stand. It has big feet so stands up well when away from the charging stand. The magnets on the charging stand are effective and it is easy to slot ROYBI in to the charging stand. [the charging stand plugs in to a USB slot]
  • It was easy to upload an avatar/picture of a child so it appears on the screen on ROYBI
    More than 1 language available (English + Mandarin [Spanish to be added in the future])
    The product could listen to answers and respond to correct answers. Positive reinforcement was provided with praise via the speaker.

Were there any downsides to the product?

  • Connection is via WIFI. A technician in school would have to set this up rather than a teacher due to restrictions.
  • It wasn’t clear how to add a 2nd user to the device (a 2nd child).
  • No UK power plug included (although it was easy to charge via USB).
  • Some of the content at the start was hard (eg 7 continents of the world).

Note: Due to the quality of the product some children may use the product too much in terms of time. Use needs to be balanced, use with other types of play (eg group play, painting, running outdoors etc). The lessons are quite short (less than 5 minutes so students could be encouraged to do just 1 or 2 a day)

How could ROYBI be used in a classroom setting?

  • With a group so that it is introduced as a new ‘friend’ that will be working with the class over time (ROYBI can easily be dressed up with 3 different hats (included) plus ribbon and string as a belt, neckless or tie). ROYBI comes with an adoption certificate encouraging discussion and storytelling.
  • With a pair of students who take in turns to select a song or story that they both listen to.
  • With a pair of students who interact with a lesson.
  • With an individual student who is being encouraged to explore a digital toy.
  • With and individual students who needs some ‘time out’ from a group to be distracted and stimulated by using new technology.
  • With an individual student and an adult who are working together to explore new ideas.
  • With an individual student and an adult who are working together to develop listening skills, speaking skills or social skills. (ROYBI is a product that will encourage discussion)

How do you think ROYBI could help pupils learn?

  • ROYBI is a device that can be carried around and interacted with. This will encourage listening and speaking skills.
  • Creativity is encouraged through change of hats and through dressing up. A house could be made for ROYBI to live in.

As an EY practitioner, ultimately would you buy it for your children and setting?

Yes I would purchase one and evaluate how well it was used.

Overall, what do you think of the product?

I love this product. I can’t wait to try it out with the children.

ROYBI Evaluation from Richard Smith at AmazingICT


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